The Design Process

RIBA Work Stages: Overview

Hampson Williams & Kimble will carry out your project from inception to completion. The process is complex and the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) suggests how to manage that process organising it by stages (RIBA Work Stages). The RIBA Work Stages ensure quality of the process. As RIBA Chartered practice, Hampson Williams & Kimble services projects in accordance with the RIBA Work Stages:

We begin with the Strategic Definition (RIBA Stage 0) to establish key requirements of the Client and the opportunities provided and constraints imposed by the subject site, to establish the preferred procurement route and, to determine the need for services to be provided by other consultants.

Preparation and Brief (RIBA Stage 1) is the stage during which we prepare and carry out the initial feasibility.

Concept Design (RIBA Stage 2) this is where the project takes shape with drawings and images depicting the proposed building, and reports are produced describing what is being proposed and why.

Developed Design (RIBA Stage 3) during this stage, we develop co-ordinated and further refined proposals and coordinate and incorporate the designs of the structural engineering consultant and the building services engineering consultant and produce preliminary specifications. The output of this stage forms the basis of the Town & Country Planning Application (if required by the project).

Technical Design (RIBA Stage 4) is one of the most important stages in the process which includes the comprehensive co-ordination of the design, workshops and meetings with the other consultants (structural engineer, building services design, and other design specialists as may be required) and with representatives of Building Control. The output of this work stage is a fully coordinated and detailed architectural drawing package and all of the supporting information (schedules, specifications, etc) required for construction.

Construction (RIBA Stage 5) during the onsite construction works, we administer the terms of the building contract and respond to requests for clarification and/or additional information from the Main Contractor and the Sub-Contractors. During this stage of the project, we carry out site visits to monitor progress of the works and to ensure that the works are being carried out generally in accordance with the drawings and specifications.

Handover and Close (RIBA Stage 6), when invited to do so by the Main Contractor, we visit the works to establish if the works are complete and are in accordance with the required design and quality. If we are satisfied, we issue to the Main Contractor a Practical Completion certificate and provide the Client with Maintenance Manuals as appropriate. 

What we do differently: Plan it out the right way

What has been described above is a standard process. However, we believe that decisions made early in the design process need to be revisited and confirmed with the Client at each stage of the projects. Such reviews include assessment of the impact of the civil/structural engineering and building services engineering designs and designs carried out by other specialist consultants, budget issues and Building Control matters. Hampson Williams & Kimble believe that within the profession, these matters are often not considered until late in the design process.  For this reason, too often a project has a great start but ends up with the building being compromised. Hampson Williams & Kimble provide to Clients added value as follows:

  • From the very beginning of a project, we ensure that at all stages of Hampson Williams & Kimble’ consultancy, the Client is kept fully informed regarding the feasibility of the project.
  • At every stage of the design process, Hampson Williams & Kimble ensure that every aspect of the design will be buildable
  • From inception, Hampson Williams & Kimble ensure that the building will work properly technically and is compliant with all relevant standards and regulations.
  • Hampson Williams & Kimble sets out to provide our Clients with a design that exceeds the Client’s expectations and properly coordinates and integrates into the design all of the Client’s requirements and those of the other design consultants.

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